Redesign of an Enterprise Risk Modelling and Financial Analysis Software 

ReMetrica, a risk simulation tool by Aon Benfield, had successfully grown to 1,000+ users worldwide --  but it was getting harder to use.

Over the past decade, ReMetrica was built organically, adding features on the existing software. The software had many quirks which users had to work around, and a high learning curve. 

In 2014, the team hired us to design ReMetrica 7, which would be modern, more powerful and intuitive to use.


Launched in April 2016 in London & Singapore
Since the launch, actuarial teams inside Aon have started to switch to V7, as well as external clients


Ideation Workshop
User Research
Interaction Design
UI Design
Low & High Fidelity Prototyping


Liu Zenan
Charmaine Low
Michael Chen
ReMetrica Development Team (SG and LN)


Customer Insights & Ideation

Conducting workshop with the team, organizing the user research and summarizing key insights

Planning & Scope Definition

Working with product owners and scrum master to plan which design to work on for each sprint

Design Execution and Validation

Creating mockups and prototypes to convey the design, testing the design with users and team

Stakeholder Workshops & Collaborative Design

We conducted several design workshops with key stakeholders in the team to generate and prioritise ideas, creating a shared vision of the new data visualisation tool that will be developed in the coming product.

Modelling the Actuary Workflow

By mapping out the user journey of the entire results reporting work process, we gained better insights into major pain-points and inefficiencies of the process.

Iterating by Prototyping

We created a series of interactive prototypes in browser and in Blend for Visual Studio to demonstrate the use cases of the new data analytic tool that will make it easier for users to make sense of the simulation data and to create reports.

User Testing

We invited internal actuaries in the company to join our user testing sessions. During the user testing sessions we let the users go through the prototype and check if there’s any usability issues or requirement mismatches in the design.

Remote Collaboration

The client’s development team is distributed between Singapore and London offices. Therefore frequent teleconferences and phone calls are part of the process to maintain effective team communications.

Refreshing a Decade-old Interface

Actuaries, financial analysts and financial modellers build financial models using a drag-and-drop interface. They also need to perform extensive checking and debugging to ensure that the model is without errors. This process is extremely cumbersome and error-prone.

The diagram UI should make it easy for experienced users to understand the model. It should also make it easy for beginner users to learn how to use it to build simple to complex capital models.